The Brief

We were asked to create a testimonial piece that highlighted, the working relationship between the supplier and end user. The film needed to have balance, avoiding the feeling of being a testimonial film.

The Delivery

Our brief was to capture content surrounding the end user, both narratively and visual. We needed to capture the machinery that was supplied and tell the story of how it was being used.

We were given an outline for the working relationship, which we used to draft our line of questioning. From this draft, we also pulled together a shot list that we put forward to both clients. Once signed off we arranged a film date and we were given a two hour window to conduct the interview and film our cutaways.

Having already established an idea of how we wanted to shoot this, we knew that the space would determine our shooting angles. We prefer to have a site visit prior to a shoot, however as this was a working laboratory we only had the rig time available to scout.

Allowing ourselves a 3o minute window to conduct the interview, the remaining time was used to change our camera setup and get the cutaways. As we already had a shot list, we were able to head to each location with ease and quickly shoot these sections. On each location move, we shot movement pieces on a gimbal creating the sense of flow between each set piece.

Production went smoothly and we managed to create a nice film within a short period of time.

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