Our new cine lenses arrived today 🥳 @cookeoptics #sp3 #cine #videoproduction #cooke ...

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Last year we produced this film for #denovosolutions , all shot within our own studio. 🎥

We were thrilled with the final result, particularly the fast pace and the black-and-white style. And most importantly, so was de novo! 😁🎬

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We were recently asked to make a series of videos for a client who wanted to showcase the work they were doing on several big developments around the country.

These were hugely enjoyable to create! (despite the fact the lifts weren`t installed yet 😅)


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🎬🎥 We had to shuffle around this boardroom at St James to turn it into a mini studio for a couple of days. Really proud to have worked on this ‘film about a film’ project for St James / St William, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion.
17 interviews in total, condensed down into a 5m30s film, you can see a short snippet above 😊
Kit list
Canon C70 – 85mm f 1.2
Canon C300iii – 70-200mm f2.8 (filmed at 200mm)
Sony A7Siii – 24-70mm f 2.8
Aputure 600x Key Light (softbox + silk)
Aputure 60d Hair Light
Nanlite MixPanel 60 (up light behind pillar)
Nanlite MixPanel 60 (hard interviewer light)
Sachtler Flowtech Tripod
Manfrotto Lightstands
Rode NTG-1
#aputure #videoproduction #devotedfilmscorporate #bts #canon #sony #video #diversity #inclusion

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On location this week on and around London, capturing development updates. #wembley #videoproduction #djimavic ...

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As the #rydercup heats up we`re reminded of this interview with golf course architect Dave Sampson, which we shot earlier this year at @wentworth_club . Dave is the lead architect at the Marco Simeone Golf Club, Rome - Host of the 2023 Ryder Cup ...

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Another fascinating shoot working alongside @fischerinstrumentation and BCW 🎬 Here’s a snap from our #dji mini 3 pro #drone at 8am this morning 👌🏻 #videoproduction #devotedfilmscorporate ...

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Late finish last night, but #shoreditch was good fun. ...

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Brilliant shoot with @fischerinstrumentation and @theassayoffice today 🎬 ...

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Really excited to be working in the Goldsmith Hall with @theassayoffice and @fischerinstrumentation ...

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This is a behind the scenes shot of one of the retailers we helped highlight for @thebrentfordproject

It was a lot of fun deciding how we wanted to set up this interview shot as we wanted to show the incredible space we was in to the best of our abilities and we are very happy with the end result 😁🚗

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Reaching new heights at The Shard 🌟 We were very excited to be asked to shoot an interview in this iconic building. 🏙️🎥 ...

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Great weather to be out filming @wentworth_club with @marcosimonegolf ...

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📆Last year


@kintoeurope @toyota

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STOLEN ☹️ on 27th March 2023 after stopping briefly for some food, a group of 4 balaclava clad thieves smashed the back window of my car, pulled out 2 bags, one containing approximately £15k of camera equipment and the other, my MacBook Pro. Today, I got my MacBook Pro back, hooray!
Anyone who’s had their possessions stolen will know the sinking feeling, the violation of your space, the financial loss, the confidence hit and the continuous “what ifs” in the aftermath. Although I got my MacBook back, the camera equipment is long gone – I even saw the scumbags distributing the equipment on CCTV to multiple different cars, pulling up and quickly leaving, clearly an organised gang.  The one silver lining to this story is that my MacBook continued to ping its location for 2 days after it was stolen. I was able to tell the police exactly where it ended up with very accurate timings (a storage facility), CCTV was checked, warrants were obtained and a storage unit containing over £100k of stolen items was uncovered. It gives us great comfort in knowing that although our camera equipment wasn’t amongst those items, many people will be getting their possessions back. We view this as a worthy investment at least.
So, what have I learnt and what’s the point of this post:
Don’t put things on view (even behind tinted glass) on the backseats of cars – it’s not insured there (a hard lesson learnt). It’s also unlikely to be insured even in the boot of the car if it’s not covered by a parcel shelf!
Put AirTags or some kind of tracker with kit. When I saw my car was broken into, I thought everything was long gone, but the ‘Find My’ app really came to the rescue.
After 10 years of Devoted Films, we’re lucky enough to own a large range of equipment, so there’s been no impact to our projects or shooting schedule. It’s onwards and upwards from here, we’ll put this behind us and continue to focus on making the best films we can for our brilliant clients ☺️🎥🎬.
Thank you, @metpolice_uk for your hard work, it’s been greatly appreciated. #videoproduction #kit #film #sony #lesson #insurance

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Hopefully this cheeky sunset shot over the beeb will see you into the new week. Enjoy 😜🌇 ...

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Throwback to another day in NYC, we spent the day trying to keep up with Peter 🏃‍♂️👟

@imaginecurve @curve_usa

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We get the luxury of working in so many amazing office spaces and Currencycloud in Central London is certainly no exception 🏢😎 ...

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With all the footage we shot for @imaginecurve @curve_usa we couldn`t help but make a few edits ourselves. We spent this day with Sydney 🏙️😎 ...

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Just stumbled across this #BTS footage of our green screen setup for Samsung and Curve last year. The #insta360 camera is so handy to have in the kit bag! #A7S3 #Aputure @holbornstudios ...

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