Animation and motion graphic production services

Some corporate videos call for the traditional approach: film live footage, then edit it together. Others might need a different approach to bring your company message to life.

That’s where our motion graphic and animation services come in.​

We are skilled at creating compelling animations with bespoke or stock footage, weaving it into corporate communications in all sorts of creative ways.

Whether you need an end-to-end animated film or a fusion of live footage with animated elements, our motion graphics production services and 3D animation services can help.​

Animated Corporate Videos

Where traditional video services are great for capturing a corporate message, there are times when a brand, project, product or service might just need something quirky, cute, fresh or even futuristic to tell the story effectively.

Our motion graphic production services can take your brief and bring it to life with fully animated corporate videos that reach your intended audience and lead them to think, feel and do exactly what your campaign needs them to.

This video for JLL Investor Center is a great example.

Live Footage with Animated Elements

As a skilled motion graphics production company, we’re also able to combine traditional filmmaking and modern animation. The end product can capture the imagination and convey key business messages in a way that’s guaranteed to surprise people in the best possible way.

But don’t take our word for it – check out one of our latest fusion projects for Digital Transformation.

Aerial + Animation Services

At Devoted Films Corporate, we’re also one of the few motion graphics animation companies in the Hampshire area, skilled and resourced to capture high-quality aerial footage and then apply animated elements to it. The result is an unexpected fusion of live video and motion graphics full of sweeping vistas and engaging, lively messaging that all but jumps from the screen to seize an audience’s attention.

This video for JLL tells the story in motion better than we ever could in text.

Our motion graphics production process

You can be incredibly creative with animation – especially ones created from scratch. But we never lose sight of the fact they need to tie in with your initial concept and branding.


The initial stage is a high-level discussion about how and where you want to use motion graphics, who the intended audience is, and what you want them to achieve. We’ll suggest how long the animation should be, then ask a ton of questions to get the brief fully defined. For instance, will it require a voiceover? Will we need a script? Are there any particular key points we need to get across? That thoroughness at the discussion stage helps our motion graphic production services at every point thereafter.


We realise it can be difficult to understand a creative concept without some kind of visual aid. So for our motion graphic production services, creating annotated storyboards is an almost essential part of the process and one we use in all but the most urgent of cases. Once we’ve produced a storyboard, we’ll talk it through with you to make sure you know how your animated video will look, sound and flow. If you have suggestions or feedback, we’ll factor them in until you’re happy for us to move to the next phase.


Once the storyboard is signed off, it’s then about doing the work to produce an animation that inspires, entertains and excites your audience! Some animations can be built with just text, where words flash up. Others could include icons or 3d assets to help reinforce a message. Whatever your agreed content, our motion graphics and 3D animation services make sure each element flows seamlessly from one to the next so that your video meets the expectations set out in the two preceding stages.


This final phase is where the thoroughness of our motion graphic production service’s end-to-end process tends to bear fruit. Because we have in-depth discussions and follow a comprehensive storyboarding process, we find our animations often require very few tweaks, if any at all, before final sign-off. That means you get a professional product as quickly and painlessly as possible, one that speaks to your audience and delights your colleagues in equal measure!

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