The Brief

Bargate Homes needed a video that clearly demonstrated the passion and enthusiasm they have for creating stunning homes.  The video also needed to highlight the location and quality of The Hideaway development.

The Description

There was so much potential with this type of video production.  Straight away the location of the development needed to be highlighted using our drones.  The aerial footage not only shows the stunning countryside location, but also the scale of the development, which is amazingly spacious (just 19 bespoke homes).  The aerial videography also allowed us to highlight other aspects such as solar panels and bespoke trim around the roofing.

To transition smoothly from the gimbal stabilised aerial footage, we highlighted the exterior and interior of the properties using our Movi Pro gimbal and C200 on the ground.  We glided through the properties to give the impression of walking through them, showing the living space as if the viewer was actually there.

We interspersed detail shots (handles, doors etc), with subtle sliding motion to retain that movement.

The video was stitched together using an interview we conducted with the Sales Director who was able to highlight all the key features.  This was entirely unscripted, which allowed for a more natural response to the questions we had preprepared.

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