The Brief

We were contacted by a property developer to produce a ‘welcome back/what to expect’ video, to inform buyers of the procedures when visiting their show homes and marketing suites across England during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Delivery

Our client supplied us with a script for the project, highlighting the changes to the spaces and the systems they were putting in place to keep visitors and staff safe. With this information we put together a shot list breaking down the; locations, props and actors needed to visualise all the points. These were then organised by the client and arranged to be ready for the shoot day.

Having to keep social distancing rules in place throughout filming was a straight forward process. We briefed the cast and crew when we arrived and set out safe zones for people to work in. We allowed ourselves a little longer for our set-up and pack down, but once filming started we were able to direct and film pretty much as usual.

We had a short turn around for this project (as it was time sensitive), so once filming was complete it was straight to the editing suite. Using the interview/script as the skeleton for the edit, we were quickly able to select the best takes and edit in our cut-away shots to support the points made.

This film was used as part of a specialty web page and can be found by – clicking here

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