The Brief

Create a highlight reel of the event, showcasing key messages from the presentation, the general atmosphere and snippets from interviews. The final video will be shared externally and internally via a digital magazine and social media.

The Delivery

We were tasked with two jobs for this client. Initially to film a series of staged interviews, to be inserted into the live event presentation and then to shoot the live event itself – which would then allow us to make this highlight reel.

Taking all filming into account, we edited over 3 hours’ worth of raw footage down to a snappy 3-minute video; along with an archive of the guest interviews and the recorded live presentation, for retention within the client’s records.

This project had a very short turn around time, the highlight reel was produced within 24 hours of the event.  This demonstrated our flexibility and ability to meet tight deadlines, while still producing a quality end product.

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