The Brief

The brief for this video was to create a visually engaging animation, identifying various key points along the way. Staying on brand using fonts, colour palettes and themes was a necessity and something we always ensure we work with accurately.

The Delivery

This animation sticks to JLL’s branding and works hand in hand with all the videos we create for them. We did this by working with the correct colour palettes, branding themes, fonts as well as music so it ties into their various campaigns seamlessly.

The focus of this production was to get an overall scope from the residential team in London, revealing their passion and how they work. This meant that we began the project by recording a series of interviews in their London office, taking the ‘best bits’ for the final animation.

Using images and animated text as they’re being mentioned really emphasises points being made. As well as this, the use of maps, arrows and continual movement provides the viewer with an engaging flow.

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