The Brief

The brief for this production was to create a stylish portfolio for the new housing development from Oakford Homes. In essence a walkthrough style video showing off the beautifully decorated interiors, amenities and space on offer.

The Delivery

When producing a video showcasing a still subject matter, the importance of movement is paramount, otherwise essentially you’re left with a ‘picture slideshow’. We created this video using one of our favourite pieces of kit – the Movi Pro stabiliser, this allowed us to produce cinematic movement within our shots without the use of cranes or dollys. It’s our ‘go-to’ gear when needing to add movement to a scene.

We were able to move freely around the house with elegant swoops, pans and pushes to highlight each aspect these new homes have to offer. We cannot emphasise the importance of movement enough, especially when shooting a home. Unlike a still image it gives people a three dimensional feel of the room, invaluable when trying to make a decision of such high proportions.

Oakford Homes were thrilled with the video and we have future projects scheduled.

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