The Brief

The idea of this video was to create a piece that would work hand in hand with Richards ‘Twilight series’ of artwork in galleries; being displayed on monitors alongside it. With a unique way of painting we were tasked with presenting this through a poignant cinematic film to identify how much thought, care and attention goes into Richard’s work.

The Delivery

We were very excited to get started on this production, with the emphasis being on making a cinematic short film allowing us to really dive into this creatively. Having done the interview and watching how Richard works we set off to Black Down in Haslemere, Surrey, part of the National Trust.

Twilight would usually be a tricky time of evening to film, but using our Sony A7III allowed us to really put its low light capabilities to the test. As you can see the images we captured have lovely deep inky blacks to match the manner in which Richard paints.

Drone footage really allowed us to give an idea of the space and vastness that Richard works with when researching for his art. Using gimbal footage of Richard exploring nature and taking photographs, as well as having his interview alongside this really shows that connection between himself and his work.

This video production highlights our ability to tell a story and create beautiful imagery no matter what the lighting conditions are. We also love this film as Richards passion really comes across, this always helps make an engaging video.

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