The Brief

To create a short, energetic highlight film of the JLL Property Triathlon; featuring JLL staff running, swimming and cycling.

The Delivery

This is our 2nd JLL Triathlon we’ve filmed and using our years of experience filming various running events we were keen to continue pushing the boundaries.

We used Zeiss CP.2 cine lenses and a long 400mm to get really close to the action.

We arrived bright and early and took up our position in the centre island of Dorney Lake in Surrey. Being situated at this centre point gave us easy access to all three stages of the Triathlon as well as a safe environment to take off and fly our DJI Inspire 2 Pro.

We captured some really interesting footage of the cyclists, driving alongside them and matching their speed. The 400mm was perfect to capture the swimmers, allowing us to get some really effective close ups.

Once we finished the day, we began work on the edit. A very prominent part of this edit is the use of sound effects, which we feel adds to the intensity of the day. Coupled with punchy jump cuts this creates a fast paced edit that portrays each element of the Triathlon.

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